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Project Management
  • Develop in conjunction with the Project Sponsor, a definition of the project.
  • Deliver projects on time, to budget and to the required quality standard (within agreed specifications).
  • Ensure that the project is effectively resourced
  • Manage relationships with a wide range of groups (including all project contributors).
  • Managing the work of consultants, allocating and utilising resources in an efficient manner and maintaining a co-operative, motivated and successful team

Areas of experience: IM projects, Multi-functional business initiatives

Business Development

Drafting, Coaching and Training in

  • Business plans
  • Tender documents
  • Strategy and Score development
  • Marketing and advertising platforms
  • Coaching and training in FNB Instant accounting
Formalize existing businesses according to Business “best practices” and compliance purposes. (SARS, Dept of Labour, CIPC, OHSA)

  • Training and implementing the following processes:

    Bookkeeping activities

    Provisional tax management (IRP6)

    PAYE tax and UIF for employees (EMP201)

    Value adding tax (VAT 201)

    UIF process (UIF submissions)

    Compensation Fund (Letter of Good standing)

    Development of the Safety file (Basic Safety requirements)

    Optimize operating costs

    Marketing (Social media, website development, branding)

    Human resource services (Performance management, basic employment documentation, salary requirements)

    Design and optimize business processes for different activities in the business

    Design and develop training material (videos) for different business processes.

Strategy & Scorecard development

  • Engage with management through workshops or discussions to review current challenges and future growth initiatives.
  • Review and analyses previous year’s financial statements, audit findings, safety scores, employee wellness scores, employment equity statistics, etc. to use as a benchmark going forward.
  • Develop a Strategy that can be cascaded down within the organization, Strategic, Tactical and operational.
  • With the Strategy defined, design practical and realistic scorecards that can be measured easily.

Areas of Experience: Executive Performance scorecard measurement

Supply Chain analysis

Analyzing and coordinating a company’s supply chain. Analyze the following:

  • Procure Materials
  • Maintain Inventory
  • Respond to Demand
  • Process Orders

Areas of Experience: Warehouse and logistics

Business Analysis and optimisation

Business analysis and optimisation

  • Conduct a detailed analysis of the current situation and accurately describes the issues.
  • Evaluate and prioritize potential improvements based on gains and required effort.
  • Establish a clear and well-articulated implementation plan
  • Regularly monitor the implementation of solutions to achieve objectives and expected benefits
  • Change management across the value chain

Areas of experience: Supply chain, Operational Excellence, Warehousing

Capital Investment analysis

  • Review and evaluate business cases
  • Drafting business cases on behalf of clients to speed up the business track of a project.
  • Calculate Financial indicators in determining the feasibility of a project at different phases of the project to ensure that the project is still viable.
  • Perform post audits on capital projects to confirm benefits realization.

Areas of experience: Capital equipment to improve services and safety